Saturday, February 13, 2010


Thanks to one of my faithful friends, I discovered a 1933 movie my father made with Bert Lahr.  The strangest thing is that nowhere in my voluminous press clippings going back to the early 1920s, do I find any mention of "Hizzoner."  I'd always believed that "Stars Over Broadway"  (1935) was my father's first film until my friend Don Peak in Hollywood clued me in and sent me a videotape.  This 20-minute movie's plot is pretty silly, as befits Lahr.  It's the handsome young "singing mayor" for whom all the women swoon (and vote) versus the inept policeman (Lahr) whom the backroom pols pit against him. Let me say, a little bit of Bert goes a long way, but my father at age twenty-nine looks pretty good!

If you're really interested, there's a videotape available at for $16.98 (plus shipping).  It's part of a tape called "Talking Comedy Rarities Vol. 1."

Wish I had a photo from this movie!

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