Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paul Sorvino

Over the years I have seen periodic references to the fact that my father, James Melton, encouraged the singing career of actor Paul Sorvino, and in fact one newspaper even states that he paid for Sorvino’s singing lessons.  While going through some unfiled papers in my “archives,” I came across two newspaper articles from 1976 (shown here) and 1987.  Sorvino was born in 1939, so by my calculation he’d have been 19 years old in 1958.  

By that time, my father’s financial fortunes were taking a severe downturn—his museum in Florida wasn’t doing well, plus his singing career was on the downslide, partly the result of changing musical tastes.  It seems rather unusual that my father would be paying for someone else’s singing lessons at that particular time.  Though, I will say, he was always extremely generous! 

(I've tried several times to contact Mr. Sorvino to verify details, but he's never answered my letters.)