Thursday, May 13, 2010

Melody for Two

Sing Me a Love Song was followed by a slightly more dramatic role in Melody for Two.  In it, my father plays a band leader who has career ups and downs due to professional and personal jealousies. Predictably, it all comes out right in the end, he gets the girl and the conniving music arranger gets his comuppance. He sings the forgettable "Melody for Two," the memorable "September in the Rain," and the song most identified with the great Irish tenor, John McCormack, "Macushla." Whose idea was it to use that song?  Was it a dig at McCormack by my father, the heir presumptive? That particular song is not a critical part of the story; he could have sung anything. There's a brief appearance by a black janitor who supplies the success-producing hot swing arrangements--the latest thing from the Harlem clubs. It sure looks and sounds like Eddie Anderson, Jack Benny's sidekick "Rochester," but he's not named in the credits. Patricia Ellis is the love interest, with comic relief provided by Marie Wilson.

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