Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Indianapolis 500

This Memorial Day just past I was reminded of a story about my father and the Indianapolis 500 race.

In 1946, he supplied several antique cars from his collection for a pre-race lap. He also was the first to sing “Back Home in Indiana” before the start of the race that year and in several subsequent years. There's also the story that for one race, with the cars revving furiously behind him, he got flustered, and started to sing “My Old Kentucky Home” instead of “Back Home in Indiana.”


  1. Hi Mrs. Nutt:
    I stumbled across your blog while researching your father and Palm Beach County attractions. My grandparents owned and operated the Africa U.S.A. attraction in Boca Raton about 12 miles south of the Hypoluxo property. I listened to many of his recordings on YouTube - wonderful! I am glad you have this blog to keep his memory going.
    Ginger Pedersen