Sunday, June 5, 2011


Sunday, June 4th, 1944 a program "sponsored by the the Red Cross and dedicated to Divine Providence for the welfare and protection of our invasion forces, soon to cross the English Channel for the liberation of Europe" was held at the Hollywood Bowl, with appearances by James Melton, Artur Rubenstein, Joe E. Brown, Horace Heidt and his Orchestra, high-ranking members of the military, and clergy of protestant, Catholic and Jewish faiths. Melton sang "There is No Death" and "The Lord's Prayer." Seven thousand people attended.

A month later my father was again at the Hollywood Bowl, to sing for twenty-thousand people on July 4th, as a featured entertainer, along with Bing Crosby and Ginny Simms, at a war bond rally.

(P.S. My apologies for the long break in between blog posts. I've been consumed with planning a memorial tribute to my late husband. It took place yesterday.)

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