Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dressing the Part

Mr & Mrs James Melton at antique auto meet

Often on a weekend the Meltons would go to an old car "meet."  My parents would dress in the appropriate motoring gear of the era—a duster and veil for my mother, a duster, cap, goggles and driving gloves for my father. (I don't remember being coerced into similar period attire.) One costume I did delight in was a hoop-skirted, off-the-shoulder ruffled yellow organdy number like those the Southern Belles at Cypress Gardens wore as they graced the landscape at that (now defunct) Florida attraction.  There was even a plastic cameo on a black velvet ribbon for my neck to complete the antebellum look.  I think my father was doing some business with Dick Pope, the owner of Cypress Gardens at the time. He was possibly hoping to combine operations with his antique care museum, or perhaps just getting pointers on running a successful tourist attraction.  Here we are in his favorite car, a 1907 Rolls Royce.

James Melton & daughter Margo in 1907 Rolls Royce

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