Saturday, September 19, 2009

New CDs Available!

Good news!  My friend in Australia, Frank Bristow, has recently put out three new James Melton CDs. All selections  are taken from radio and TV shows. They include guests like Jane Froman, Lawrence Tibbett, Jo Stafford, Ethel Smith, Jarmila Novotna, Alec Templeton and Virginia Haskins.  Tracks include some rare and historic stuff, as well as old favorites like "Don't Fence Me In," "I Got Plenty o' Nothin,'" as well as a few opera and operetta selections.  Something for everyone!

In the past, Frank has put out quite a number of other Melton CDs: "Vienna to Broadway," Selections from Die Fledermaus, even several of The Revelers (the quartet my father sang with in the late 1920s).

Do check out Frank's website:

If you want to order, he can be reached at : 
Frank Bristow
2 Cross Street, Brighton, Victoria 3186, Australia. 
Telephone and Fax  Number
International: +61 3 9528 3167         

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