Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today, January 2nd, would be my father's 108th birthday.

Here's a photo of Daddy and me in about 1950. I think it was taken on the grounds of The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida where we often stayed.


  1. Dear Margo,
    I live in Gainesville, Florida in an old house and was told by a man who was born here in 1904 that James Melton used to visit the house to sing to their good piano around 1921. I have found that he was a student at UF around that time so I think it is plausible. I've got a 78 of him for our Victrola and will hang his photo on the wall. There are so many photos of him on the web! I have much enjoyed your blog,

  2. Hi Ben,
    Your story rings true. My father did attend the University of Florida in Gaineville, briefly, before transferring to the University of Georgia, and finally to Vanderbilt (class of '25). He graduated from none of these institutions of higher learning, however. He left Vanderbilt in his senior year to sing with a local dance band, the Francis Craig orchestra. (His pal and classmate, Francis Craig, didn't graduate either.)

  3. Thinking of you Margo and what a pleasure it was hosting you at the Seal Cove. I'm heading back to the Museum on July 28 to give a talk about great automobile museums from the past... Guess which one gets the 'star' treatment. Retired now and back in Windsor, if you hear from Curt, lets all do lunch.

  4. Hi Roberto,
    How're you enjoying retirement? Let's get together for lunch and catch up when you get back from Seal Cove!
    (You can e-mail me at